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Realtors Lanka is a real estate advertising platform allowing customers to advertise and promote all real estate properties in Sri Lanka. The platform gives wider visibility to your properties by reaching the eyes of a large audience interested in buying, selling, acquiring, and investing in properties in Sri Lanka. Realtors Lanka allows you to advertise following properties for your convenience by placing them in the most suitable category on the website. It is the number one choice of Sri Lankans for placing free and paid advertisements for their residential and commercial properties.

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Realtors Lanka can be entrusted to place advertisements on any residential or commercial property located in Sri Lanka. Currently, it is home to a large range of advertisements from the most prominent cities in Sri Lanka such as Colombo, Gampaha, Kandy, etc. We provide easy access to the exact type of property our customer is looking for by categorizing these properties based on Price, Location, and the type of property. Any apartment, house, land, office, and commercial space can be advertised on Realtors Lanka.


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  1. Market Knowledge – As experts in the real estate market we are well aware of the market trends in our area.
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  6. Value – We can save your time and money with our market knowledge and expertise.

Apartments in Sri Lanka

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka is home to a wide range of apartments. For locals as well as foreigners, apartments in Colombo can be beneficial for long stays or for residential purposes. Apartments in Sri Lanka can be categorized into luxury apartments, semi-luxury apartments and mid-range apartments. While luxury apartments offer an experience of majestic living, semi-luxury apartments offer more comfort and modern living experience. Mid-range apartments are built with the purpose of convenience for those who are looking for affordable living spaces. For anyone who’s interested in buying or investing in apartments in Sri Lanka, as well as selling, renting, or leasing apartments in Sri Lanka can benefit from a platform where the most reasonably rated, prestigious apartments are listed. Realtors Lanka features a wide range of apartments in Colombo, Sri Lanka in all 3 categories with both furnished and unfurnished options. Realtors Lanka provides listings for those who seek short-term accommodations in apartments in Colombo as well. Apartment developers and property developers are more than welcome to advertise their upcoming or existing apartments in Realtors Lanka for free. Realtors Lanka also offers paid advertising options for more visibility and larger banner ads on the website for urgent or top-priority listings.

Houses in Sri Lanka

The rapid growth of employment in Colombo has increased the demand for houses in Colombo and suburb areas. Realtors Lanka features a wide range of houses in Colombo under the categories; houses for rent in Colombo, houses for sale in Colombo, and houses for lease in Colombo. These houses vary from luxury houses to semi-luxury houses to affordable house arrangements. Colombo is also home to villas for rent or sale with breathtaking views and sceneries, and an array of bungalows for sale or rent that speaks pride and luxurious living. Houses in Colombo varies in its pricing depending on its distance to Colombo’s center, and with the facilities they provide. For an example, a two-bedroom house for sale could be much cheaper compared to a 5-bedroom house at the same location. However, the same two-bedroom house could cost more if it is located closer to the center of Colombo city. There is a wide range of houses featuring 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms, etc. and the same house can be advertised in furnished and unfurnished options. Realtors Lanka offers free advertising for all listings, however, urgent listings or high-priority listings could highly benefit from paid advertisements with higher visibility to be features as banners on the website.

Commercial Office Spaces in Sri Lanka

The increasing rate of employment and growth of businesses calls for more commercial spaces. The commercial properties in Colombo, Sri Lanka has a great demand, and it is becoming more difficult to seek reasonably priced, convenient commercial properties for rent and for sale in Colombo. The prices of the office spaces in Colombo depends on the location of the property, and the facilities they provide. Some of the most sought-after commercial properties can be named as office spaces for rent or lease, warehouses for lease or sale, hotels for lease or sale, boutique hotels for lease or sale, and buildings for lease or sale. Commercial properties could provide both furnished and unfurnished options, and the price varies depending on the floor area, distance from the center of Colombo, convenience, and the parking spaces allocated around. Realtors Lanka features multiple listings of commercial properties and office space in Colombo to choose the best option for the large-scale businesses as well as small and medium scale enterprises. Customers can advertise commercial property for free using the standard listing methods or use the paid advertising option to reach a wider audience and gain more visibility to the advertisements. Realtors Lanka is the one-stop destination for those who seek to buy, sell, or invest in commercial properties.

Lands in Sri Lanka

The increasing number of citizens who desire to settle in the Colombo’s city limits and suburbs have increased the demand for lands in Colombo. Finding lands for sale in highly residential areas is not an easy task, and Realtors Lanka offers a convenient solution for those who seek an easy method to explore their options. Existing residents in Colombo look for lands to invest in, which are called investment lands. With the increasing price point, lands are one of the best investment options available in Sri Lanka. Land value depends on its location and the distance to main roads and other amenities, the availability of electricity and water with minimum effort, road access and the land frontage. Realtors Lanka features a wide range of lands located in Colombo as well as lands in suburbs of Colombo for sale. For those who wants to buy lands as well as sell lands, Realtors Lanka is the ultimate online destination. The website offers free listings as well as paid advertising for more visibility required for urgent listings and high-priority listings. For those who wants to invest money in lands, Realtors Lanka can be used as a resource to compare the price points and land value.